Amazing Tips To Improve Your App’s Ranking In Play Store

Every time an app developer uploads an app in the play store, the only thing that concerns him is its ranking. Well, the ranking of an app in the play store plays a far more important role than you can imagine. The Majority of the Android user while opening the Google play store barely goes to the 4th or 5th option available. So, it becomes necessary for the app developers to also focus on its ranking rather than just its utility.

The main task in front of every developer is to create an app exactly what they want. The next thing is to optimize the app so that it delivers better performance, quality, and response. With the help of optimization, you will be able to generate a good ranking for your app in the play store.

Below is the list of tips that can help you to improve your app ranking in the Google Play Store:

Keyword Optimization

In the world of SEO, keyword holds the most important position. Keywords help immensely in the higher ranking of anything on the internet. This is why it is necessary that you come up with the most relevant keyword so that the user may easily find your app in the Play Store.

Don’t forget to include the keyword in the main title and description of the app. Try to make the title short and crispy and you can also add symbols to increase the visibility of the title.

Reviews and Ratings

The most downloaded apps and good ranking apps have one thing in common i.e. good rating and positive reviews. If your app is rated between 4-5 stars and have received positive reviews from most of the users, then the chances of the app being increases exponentially. This plays a very crucial role because when any Android user will download an app that is relevant to yours, then your app will be shown in the top.

Choose your audience properly

If you want your app to be placed on top of the search result, then you will have to find the right audience and locations where you can receive the maximum number of downloads for your app. Factors such as the age of the users, their location and many others determine the nature of the audience. So, to get the best result, you will have to find the audience with the most potential.

Focus on the app

No matter how much optimization you perform for your app, it will not be successful if it not very useful and lacks all the basic features. So, there are certain things that you will have to look before uploading the app to the Play Store:

  • Responsiveness
  • Size of the app
  • Title of the app
  • Description
  • Links

Maintenance and Update

It is very important that you keep a constant eye on the quality of your app and its maintenance. Come up with an updated version of your app and make sure that it is free of the bug issues of the earlier version. If needed, add new features to your app that can be helpful for the app users. This way you will keep optimizing the performance of your app.

Most of the app developers forget about all things mentioned and as a result, their app is not able to generate the ranking it deserves. If all the above tips given are followed by the users, then the chances of their app get higher ranking will improve greatly.


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