4 best health practices to help you stay away from anxiety and depression

We are living in a fast moving world where everyone is living a very hectic lifestyle. Gone are those days when everything was slow and you don’t need to go through regular chaos in your everyday routine. From catching the morning bus to meeting the impossible targets while managing the household expenses in a limited budget, there are many things that pose a serious threat to the health issues and this is one of the main reasons why in the modern era, humans have become more prone to health related diseases.

 Well, there are surely many ailments that are affecting our body and reducing our lifespan but along with physical ailments, even our brain is taking a big toll since it is the brain that goes through different types of stress and it is the brain the managed the whole body.

You should know that some of the ailments that have become a new normal for even young people are anxiety and depression. In a world where everyone is always busy and in free time, get involved in the digital world, feeling isolated has become normal. You will be surprised to know that that major portion of the U.S population suffers with anxiety and with time, this number is increasing.

Since the symptoms of anxiety and depression are not visible on the face, they can stay with you for a very long period of time before being diagnosed. One of the most drastic things about anxiety and depression is they both are equal to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Now, you can easily imagine the damage done by both these mental ailments and this is why you will have to adopt various habits and make changes in your lifestyle in order to stay away from these life-spoiling mental ailments.

So, without any further ado, let’s go through some of the things that you can do to stay away from anxiety and depression.


One of the best things that you can do in order to wipe out the chances of anxiety and depression is to practice Yoga and Pranayam. You might be going to the Gym and also going for a walk in the morning but the benefits of this ancient Indian practice is far beyond your daily gym routine. Yoga helps your body to remain calm and it directly affects your brain as well. But instead of learning Yoga from videos, it is advised to hire a Yoga trainer and learn the Yoga poses in a professional way. You should know that there are various Yoga poses that can be done by people of all ages and that’s why it has become so famous all around the world.

Diet changes

In addition to doing Yoga every day in the morning, you will also have to make dietary changes since you are what you eat. There are many different types of food that will worsen the situation for you if you are already suffering from anxiety and depression and then there are those foods that will eliminate or reduce both these mental disorders. First of all, you will have to cut caffeine from your diet and for that, you will have to get rid of tea, coffee, and all other types of beverages that contain any type of caffeine. Then you will have to reduce your salt intake and consume all those food items that contain a high amount of potassium. Make a habit of eating at least one type of fruit on a daily basis.

Go for a walk

Along with doing Yoga and making changes to your diet, you will also need to go for a walk on a daily basis. Nobody is asking you to become a sprinter or run for 20 miles everyday. All that you need to do is to walk a little bit faster than normal everyday in the morning. You should know that earlier, these type of mental diseases didn’t exist because most of the people used to walk a lot. If you are not capable of running then you can also practice brisk walking as it is also very beneficial.

Don’t stress

It doesn’t matter how hard your life is and it doesn’t matter how much pressure you go through on an everyday basis, you will need to trim out getting stressed on everything. You should know that the main reason behind anxiety and depression is the way we think and if we will be able to control how we think then we will be able to get rid of these ailments. You will have to get rid from all the negative thoughts if you really want to battle anxiety and depression.

All the above-mentioned tips will surely help you in staying away from anxiety and depression and they all can be practiced by people of all ages.



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