Enhance and customize your pictures with these best photo editing apps

Due to the marvelous technological improvements in the smartphone cameras, the photo editing apps have become much more useful. Nowadays, there are very few people who use unfiltered camera photos as they are not attractive enough and doesn’t even makes the photo looks good.

With the availability of the numerous filters, face editing tools, body editing tools, frames, color changing tools, photo editing apps have become an essential part of every smartphone. And therefore, now we will look at some of the best photo editing apps available in the market for your smartphones.

Adobe photo editor apps

Adobe has released some of the best photo editing apps in the market, which include some top names like Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Mix, and Adobe Lightroom. Each of them has a long list of features which can make your normal photo look amazing and eye-catching. You can fulfill all your photo editing wishes like removing red eye to editing Raw files in these high-end photo editing apps.

Google Snapsheed

This brilliant photo editing app can easily put down many desktop photo editing apps as it has some of the most advanced and hi-tech features which are required to edit photos like a professional. Besides normal editing options like cropping and rotating the image, you can also change the depth of the field, perspective, curve, and brightness. But the unique tool of this app is Expand, that can be used to make the canvas larger.


It is one of the best photo editing apps available in the Google play market, but you will need to spend some time with it in order to understand it fully as good things don’t come easily. You can find all the photo editing features of Instagram before Facebook acquired it. There is a wide variety of filters available in the app and you can also join its strong community to check out how other people are using this app to enhance their pics.


It has a very nice UI and it offers great photo editing tools that are very easy to understand and use. Besides the usual beautification and other editing tools, it also allows you to add amazing stickers and frames to your photos. Its one tap enhance feature allows you to make several enhancements in your photo with just one click. You can also easily doodle on your photos in this app.

Photoshop Express

With its simple interface and highly advanced editing tools, Photoshop express becomes a favorite choice among users. If you are in search of a quick, easy and powerful photo editing tool, then this is the perfect photo editing app to fulfill all your wishes of modifying your photo to look unique, attractive and amazing. It has one touch filter, numerous effects, colors, auto fix and much more.

So, don’t post a photo on social media without adding filters because it might look dull. Rather than uploading a raw pic of yours, use the above-mentioned photo editing apps to make your photo look like a masterpiece of a professional photographer.



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