Google Assistant comes to LG premium TVs

After being revealed at CES 2018 for the first time, now the Google Assistant has finally arrived to premium TVs of LG. The Google Assistant which is an AI technology will now be available on all of LG’s OLED and super UHD TVs with Thinq AI that will also include W8, C8, E8 and B8 OLED lineup and SK9500, SK9000 and SK8000 super UHD TVs.

With the mix of LG’s WebOS and Google Assistant, now you will be able to control your TV through various voice commands. By using voice commands like ‘change to sandbar’ or ‘change to cinema mode’ you can instruct your TV to do a lot of things on its own like changing the switching between HDMI inputs and changing picture colors. In addition to this, you can also instruct the TV to turn off automatically by saying something like ‘turn off the TV when the current programs end’ For doing this, the TV will also be using LG’s ThinQ A.I system.

The Google Assistant will be working on the TV in the same way as it works on your smartphone or Google Home. You can even instruct your TV through voice command to check the weather, control your lights, find answers to your questions, and control your other smart devices. You can even use other Google Assistant device for sending commands directly to the LG AI enabled TVs. So just ask your TV to pause, record, resume, change the channel or to raise the volume up and down, and it will do all that by itself. Thanks to the integration of AI with LG TVs.

The new fully AI enabled TV easily switches between Google Assistant and ThinQ without any lag or interruption. In order to give a command to the TV, you just have to hold and press the mic button on your remote. That’s it.

If you are aware of the updates and introductions in the technology world, then you must know that this not the first of kinds launches as we already have seen TVs with AI in the past, but the unique thing about this launch of LG is the mix of both Google Assistant and ThinQ in the same device. If you will notice Google Assistant in a TV then it is more likely to be an Android TV and the Google Assistant has got full control on the command of the TV. But in this launch, we have seen that LG is mixing the Google Assistant with its own smart platform which it uses in its TVs.

For using the Google Assistant, you just have to say ‘Ok, Google’ or you can use ThinQ for giving it other commands.

From May, a whole new set of TVs from LG will be made available for sale in the US and later in some areas of Europe and Asia as well. The prices will start from $900 and will go further up to $4,000 for models like 65 inch, E8PU4 4k OLED TV.


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