How To Be Smart With Android SmartWatches?

Traditional watches with the three different hands, showing you only date and time is a trend of an old era because now the technologically advanced world relies on smartwatches and especially Android wear 2.0.

Smartwacthes serves different functions rather than just being a boring mechanical tool which shows you time and date. It can be compared to the current era’s mobile phone because the smartwatches serve multiple functions which are almost similar to the mobile phones.

When it comes to Android wear 2.0, then there are a couple of things which you might need to learn in order to become a master at handling your smartwatches and then showing the cool features of your latest gadgets to your friends.

So let’s quickly jump on to few cool tips and tricks which might help you with handling your smartwatch.

Google Play Store on your watch

You can consider your watch as a standalone Android device through which you can easily access the Google Play Store and access all its cool features.  If you wish to update, access or download something from the Play Store then you will need a Google account for it.

If you are going to use the smartwatch for the first time then you will see a notification which will be asking you to add your Google account on the watch. The process of adding your account on the watch is quite easy.

Using smartwatch as a phone-unlocker

You must be unaware of this cool feature of your smartwatch which allows you to unlock your phone with it. If your phone is connected to your watch then you can make it unlock very easily. With the smartwatch connected with your mobile phone, you will not have to enter your password or use your fingerprint 500 times a day in order to unlock your phone.

All you will have to do is to add your smartwatch with your phone as a trusted device. This adding feature is available in the secure lock part of the settings in your smartphone.  This feature is available with Bluetooth device but using a smartwatch is a great way to do it.

Google Assistant on your wrist

Yes, it true that the Google Assistant is now available on your wrist and all you have to do is to use say ‘Ok Google’ in order to use it. Using Google Assistant on your watch will not only make you cool but it will also allow you to use it in a much better way.

If you want to keep the chat to a minimum then you can just long press the main power button and your Google Assistant will get available on your wrist for assisting you with the best features.

Use these tips and tricks to not only look cool with your smartwatch but to also use this advanced gadget in the best possible way.


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