How well do you know about Pinterest?

Today, the internet is stuffed with plenty of social media platforms which are being used by millions of people to stay in touch with all their families and friends. In fact, you can even follow your favorite celebrities on social media platforms.

When it comes to social media platforms, most common names that people say are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and snap chat. However, there is one platform that is overlooked by most of the people i.e. Pinterest. You will be surprised to know that Pinterest is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms and has even beaten the big names like Instagram and SnapChat in terms of growth rate.

Since the inception of Pinterest, its user base has increased exponentially and most of the users are females. Now let us discuss some of the interesting facts that you should know about Pinterest:

Pinterest is the fastest growing website in terms of growth rate

Yes, it is true that Pinterest has beaten every other social media platforms in terms of growth rate. According to the recent survey, Pinterest registered a whopping growth of 57%, while Facebook recorded a growth of only 6%. Well, this is something highly promising.

Most of the Pinterest users go for arts and crafts

Today, there are countless numbers of pins related to art and craft in Pinterest. Usually, Most of these pins lead to a particular website, but there are also pictures that are the part of the pinner’s actual art and craft project. Well, as a matter of fact, tutorials, guides and do-it-yourself pins have more chances to be clicked than other types of pins.

Pinterest users like to spend more

Pinterest users are far more than just a window shopper. Mostly, they prefer to buy things based on the pins they see in their everyday life. Well, this doesn’t end here, according to a report, Pinterest users not only tend to buy more, and they also like to spend more.

Pinterest has managed to pull around billions of pins

Yes, it is right! The user base of roughly 70 million is not there just to surf around. They have managed to pull around 30 billion pins in just 4 years. These pins vary from products, arts, and apparels to designs, tutorials and much more.

Pinterest add fuel to the consumer purchasing behavior

For normal people, Pinterest is just a platform stuffed with lots of pictures. While for its users, it’s a product review, tester, shopping catalogue, and advice column all under one roof. Overall, it helps a lot in improving the attractiveness of the products.

Pinterest is an ideal platform to promote business

To be very honest, pins generated in Pinterest are more valuable than Facebook likes. According to the research, Pinterest attracts around 41% of the eCommerce traffic compared to other social media platforms. Another whooping fact is that the around one-fourth of the Fortune Global companies have an account on Pinterest.

Wrapping it up all, looking at the growth and visibility dominance of the Pinterest, it can be said that it is definitely here to stay and will be emerging as a surprising leader in the social media world.

Nicolina Martin

Nicolina Martin is a technical content writer at MyQbHost, a QuickBooks hosting company. Her writing showcases the trending cloud accounting technology along with advice, info, and tips on the same topic, which helps SMEs and accounting professionals to stay updated.

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