IBM introduces world’s smallest computer

From 1911 to 2018, IBM has mad humans technologically advance. The innovations by IBM keep surprising people all around the world and it surpasses the limitations in technology. From supercomputer to floppy disk, from punched card to magnetic core memory, the contribution of the tech giant is unmatchable and the latest introduction in the list of IBM’s innovations is its world’s smallest computer.

The new introduction by IBM is not bigger than a grain of salt. Presented in the company’s Think 2018 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, the new innovations measures ‘1mm X 1mm’ and even with so much small size, it has the same processing power as the x86 chip that was used in early nineties IBM desktop computers. And if you are thinking that this much power is not compatible in today’s world then rethink as you will need a microscope to actually see it.

The microscopic ‘crypto-anchor’ is a complete system-in-a-chip with processor, memory, storage and communication module. This new small computer will now be used as an anti-fraud device.

IBM has specially designed this product to insert it into price tags and product packaging. With the help of this system, tracking and logging the movement of goods during shipping will improve the supply chain security.

According to the company, the computer will cost them less than ten cents to manufacture and it will also pack several thousands of transistors. These will help the computer to analyze, communicate and even act on data.

After reading this, if the bitcoin lovers are afraid then they don’t need to as the new computer works with blockchain. Talking specifically, this computer will be a data source for various blockchain applications. In addition to this, it will also be able to perform some basic AI functions such as sorting the data it is given.

According to IBM, this is only the beginning. “Within the next five years, cryptographic anchors — such as ink dots or tiny computers smaller than a grain of salt — will be embedded in everyday objects and devices,” says IBM head of research Arvind Krishna. If he’s correct, we’ll see way more of these tiny systems in objects and devices in the years to come”

You should know that IBM is one of those companies whose employees have won 5 Nobel Prizes, 6 Turing Awards, 10 National Medals of Technology and 5 National Medals of Science. The company has covered a remarkable journey of 107 years with innovations which revolutionized the human world and gave a new dimension to the IT field.

Although, IBM has not specified the release date the team of IBM is working on its first prototype. So even if the smallest computer hasn’t been launched in the market yet but the future is here and if you want to see it, you will need a microscope.


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