Internet of Things- What You Need to Know About this Technology

Imagine a scenario-

You are on your way to home and you use a mobile app to turn on the lights, the TV, and the AC so that everything is ready at your house before you even reached. Hold on, it isn’t magic at all. With Internet of Things (IoT) this thing can really happen.

The term “Internet of Things” was first proposed by Kevin Ashton while making a presentation in the year 1999. Also known as Internet of Everything, it is an organized setup in which man, animals and inanimate objects like machines and gadgets will come together in an allied network and will be capable of exchanging data. Objects and machines can send and receive messages automatically, without the need for the involvement of humans.

Let us discuss the Pros and Cons of this technology:


Automate Daily Task 

The Internet of Things allows you to take control of the regular tasks that are done on day-to-day basis, without human interference. The communication between machine and machine helps to maintain clearness and transparency in the process. This leads to maintain uniformity in the tasks and also maintain the quality of service as well. However, necessary steps can be taken in case of emergencies.

Extremely Efficient 

The interaction between machine and machine makes the process efficient; therefore, accurate results can be obtained without any delay. This can save a lot of time. Also, it enables people to do other jobs instead of doing the same task day after day.

Improved Lifestyle

All these applications of this trending technology assure increased comfort and conveniences and help in organizing, thereby improving the standard and quality of life.


Lack of Privacy and Security

As the technology runs all the household appliances, machinery, public sector services and other devices through the Internet, a great deal of information is available on it. This information can be used by hackers and there is a high risk that all the private and confidential information may be accessed by illicit intruders.

Compatibility Issue

There are always the chances that as devices from different brand names are interconnected the issue of compatibility may crop up. Today, the devices are Bluetooth-enables and compatibility issue may be prevalent even in this technology! Compatibility issues may enable people in buying appliances from a certain manufacturer, thus leading to market monopoly.

Technology Rules Our Life

Our lives are apparently regulated by technology, enabling us to completely rely on it. The present generation is technology obsessed and they depend on it for almost anything. We need to decide what extent of our life we want to be controlled by technology. This avant-garde technology has its own merits and demerits. We must leverage its power, but shouldn’t let technology control our life.

The Internet of Things is a futuristic technology and the most intriguing concept that revolutionizes our daily lives. It has the capacity to make possible the automation of many daily chores. In the coming years, it has been estimated that, around 30 billion devices will be found connected to the Internet of Things!


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