PS4 Vs. Xbox One: Which One To Choose

In recent years, Both Sony and Microsoft have taken their gaming consoles to a whole new level. These companies have constantly been upgrading their gaming consoles by adding new features, designs, and performance. The Xbox One comes with tons of features for entertainment, while the PS4 has continued its legacy on blockbusters exclusive and user-friendliness. Both of them even have a special version pack that offers 4k gaming.

Xbox One and PS4 both offer thousands of games and are available under the price range of $300. But which one to choose?  This is the biggest mind puzzling questions that every gaming fan has in their mind.  Below are some of the features of both the consoles and we’ll see which one is leading in each category:


Well, both Xbox One and PS4 can play many of the same games. However, performance depends on the console that you are using.  The slim PS4 is a more enhanced and powerful machine and is likely to deliver better results than the Xbox One when it comes to performance.  Although, the difference is not very high, in most of the TV screens PS4 offers better visuals and resolution.


The latest Xbox One controller has similar properties and features that Xbox 360 had. The new console has removed the bulky battery pack on the back and has added two more rumble motors. The thumb pads on the analog stick are smaller that will be refreshing for some and frustrating for others.

On the other hand, The DualShock 4 has some great improvements as compared to the last controller. It’s bigger in size and has an outward curved-trigger. The latest controller of PS4 comes with a clickable touchpad and a multi-function light bar. Indeed, a great improvement by Sony! There is also a small speaker in the controller that is quite unique and is more appealing to the gamers. The PS4 controller is a bit hard and fits perfectly in the gamers’ hand. In the segment of controllers, PS4 takes the lead.

Storage and Ports

Xbox One comes with an IR blaster and two HDMI inputs combined into one. This will allow the users to connect their console into their satellite boxes and cable TV. However, this feature is missing in Sony’s PS4.

Both Xbox One and PS4 are available in 500GB and 1TB storage space, which is enough to store a good number of games and other media. Space can be a serious issue if you are that type of gaming fan who likes to download games regularly.  Luckily, both the consoles come with good storage space and can be expanded by connecting to the external hard drives.

Game selection

Most of the games releasing now days are available for the consoles. However, both PS4 and Xbox One have their own sets of exclusive games. In fact, this becomes one of the major reasons to choose a console over the other. To secure console exclusives, both Sony and Microsoft secure their deal with third-party game developers. So, if you are seeking a console for its gaming exclusives, then PS4 is the right choice for you. Sony’s have numerous exclusive games, of which some of them turned out to be one of the biggest commercial successes like God of War and the MLB.

Online Services

Sony and Microsoft both offer online services and are almost similar in many senses.  The Microsoft comes with Xbox One Gold live that provide access to online gaming, free monthly games, great discounts, and many special features to its users. But there is one catch here; the games available on Xbox Gold Live can be accessed through Windows 10 PC and that too without any extra charges.

PS4 users have some advantages here; Sony’s PlayStation Now allows the users to play games of PS3 on PS4. It’s a great service, but make sure that you have a good internet connection to have a smooth gaming experience. What makes PS4 the winner is its exclusive wide range of game titles.

User Interface

The interface of PS4 is simpler and designed to be easily accessible. PS4 interface is plain and anyone can use it after spending some time in exploring it. One thing to notice is that its customization is not very attractive. On the other hand, the Xbox user interface is a bit complex but is more functional and robust. It may take time to adapt to the interface, but the design is more accessible and sensitive.

Well, the PS4 is ahead by a margin, but a victory is a victory after all. Although Xbox One’s great entertainment feature, network stability, and connectivity are very impressive, the exclusive range of games and user-friendliness has given a slight edge to the PS4.


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