The basic difference between SSD and HDD drives

Drives are one of the most important parts of any computer. Without a hard drive, a computer wouldn’t be able to store anything, or we can say remember anything. With the evolution of technology, the drives have also evolved to provide you better storage space and performance.

While buying a computer, one of the most important factors which most of the people keep in consideration is the storage device. So to make your decision more clear and productive, we will look at the basic difference between a solid state drive and hard disk drive in this article.

The basic form

While talking about the form of the given options, there is no doubt that SSD is the thinnest of the available storage options. With its slim shape, it fits perfectly into the thin and light PCs and also in complex and industrial design. SSDs are available in 5mm and 7mm in height for standard notebooks. While on the other side, HDDs are available in 7mm and 9.5mm design.


If you don’t save a large amount of information on the hard disk drive then it can perform as fast as the solid state drives. While talking about the speed of SSD, then they are inherently faster than their hard disk counterpart because they access information quickly, regardless of the amount of data stored on them.


When it comes to price then there is no doubt that HDDs are much cheaper in comparison to SDDs. The average price of HDDs doesn’t exceed over $50 while on the other side, SDD drives starts from almost $230. So, the difference in the price between a solid state drive and hard disk drive is huge. But it is recommended that all those people who don’t have money restrictions, to go with the solid state drive as it can be a major contributor to the growth of your business and especially when your whole business is dependent on the speed of your PCs.

Battery life

Although the battery life of your system is affected by only 10% from the drives but still you should keep this parameter in mind while choosing a storage device. SSD is the most power efficient storage device, basically because it can spin down more frequently in comparison to HDD. You should also know that your battery life is affected mostly by the processor power and the LCD.


Solid state drives are more reliable than the hard disk drives and this is because solid state drives don’t have any moving parts. While on the other side, hard disk drives can easily break if dropped over from a lofty level or even if the computer tower is knocked over. So if you can afford solid state drives, then you should always do so because it is much more reliable than the hard disk drives.

Heat produced

Because of lower power draw and no moving parts, there is no heat produced in the solid state drive. Although, HDD also doesn’t get heated but in comparison to the SDD, it surely produces much more heat.

So, if you are choosing a computer than be very much concerned about the type of storage device which you are going to select and also be very particular and precise about it. Go through the advantages and disadvantages of both the products and then choose according to your need and requirement.


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