Top Tools Which Every Digital Marketer Should Have

Being a digital marketer means having multiple balls in the air at a single time. The multi-tasking has now become a synonym for digital marketers as they create strategies, run campaigns, manage various communication channels and do a lot of other things at one time.

But luckily, the digital marketers also have the access to various tools which helps them to make the act of juggling multiple tasks, more manageable. With digital marketing becoming an umbrella under which various tasks are performed, it has now become very necessary for people to use the digital marketing tools.

So let’s quickly jump to the list of various tools which can be used by digital marketers in order to manage their multiple operations in a better way.

Website Speed Test

If a customer is visiting your website then he will wish to surf quickly on your website and then get the desired product or service. If your website will take time to load then without even wasting a single second, they will jump on to your competitor. Your website loading time plays a crucial role in deciding your conversion rate.

Therefore, it is important to have a tool in your pocket, which will help you to measure your website speed. If you are witnessing a drop in traffic or increase in bounce rate then it’s high time to start working on your website. You can use Pingdom’s website speed test.

PR management

It is very much necessary to keep a track on the mentions of your business because it will give you an overall idea about your presence in the digital world. And you can easily keep such track by using the Google Alert feature which is available for all the Gmail users for free.

You will just have to set the keyword for that specific topic or your business name and then choose the type of mentions you want, PR, blog, news, etc. After that you can also choose the frequency on which you will get these Google alerts, the best one is at the start of the day and on a daily basis. By setting Google alerts you will get to know the blogs in which your product is being mentioned and also about the reviews of other people.

Social media manager

Facebook provides one of the most useful and effective social media management tools through which you can keep track of your daily activities. But this tool becomes inefficient when you start using more than one medium of social media for your business. And with the advancement of time or even in the initial stage, you will have to communicate to people and mark your presence on social media through different channels.

There are many social media management tools which are available on the internet and they will help you to schedule your posts, review performance metrics and do lots of other things. HootSuite, Buffer and Sprout Social are some of the best social media management tools as they are also listed in Forbe’s list of best social media management tools.

Having the right tool for digital marketing is vital because with always too much on your plate, you will need some smart solutions by your side in order to deal with the daily rains of multitasks in an effective manner.


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