YouTube biggest secret to increase YouTube views and subscriber

Today if anyone starts a YouTube channel there is an 80 % chance that he will choose to post the video related to technology or he will start a tech channel. Today the technology field is the most competitive field in the world. In this article, I am sharing a trick that is used by all the successful YouTubers to get views and subscribers but no one is sharing these tricks of getting views and subscribers. In today’s competitive world along with hard work, smart work is equally important.

TRICK: If you will use this trick you will get 100% success in YouTube channel by getting the views, subscribers, and finally good earning.

“Use the signature keyword in description and tag of your YouTube videos, apply these trick in all the videos of your YouTube channel”

As we know the tags are not allowed in description of any YouTube channel but then also you can use these as a signature of your channel. These tricks will help to recognize your video to YouTube and your viewers, so that it appears in the search result. The signature keywords are the keywords which  no one is going to search on YouTube but these texts will give you a special recognition. It will help the YouTube channel to recognize the huge crowd or we can say that it will act a white color in the huge black color crowd. Using these tricks will help the YouTube algorithm to recognize your video.

HOW THESE WORKS (signature keyword technique)

Suppose I want to search about Jio Summer Surprise Offer on YouTube, I will open the YouTube and type the keyword Jio Summer Surprise Offer in the search box, list of search result will open, the second result was of technical guruji channel I have opened the second link of technical guruji and I viewed the complete video and I fully understand the video now I will not type the next keyword to search I will scroll down as see the related result present at the right side of the channel (it is a normal activity of 90% of video viewers ) when I scroll down I have seen the related videos of technical guruji and again I view the other videos of technical guruji and after viewing 5 to 6 videos if I feel satisfied, I will think that channel is providing good info about the technical issues so I finally subscribe the channel, yes it happens. So to get your videos on the right side of the result you should use the signature keyword technique here you can see the live proof of how this signature keyword will help YouTube algorithm to list your related videos on the right side of the channel. In 90% of cases, the related video appears on the right side of the channel.

The viewer will trust you and after viewing your 5 to 6 videos he will subscribe to your channel. Remember if you are a new YouTuber make a habit to upload at 2 videos a day and in 60 days you will have 120 videos and your channel will grow automatically. To appear in the related videos the channel should contain a good amount of videos. During the initial stage you will face difficulties and you have to work very hard but don’t think for money, think of giving quality content to the viewer then automatically the view will come and you will earn money.


You can also use the upload default setting to automatically add the signature text to your uploading video, for these Go to the channel and select upload defaults and add the signature text in the description and tag option. You can also add manually if you want.


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