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The advent of the digital era has changed many things around us and all these changes are here to stay for a very long period of time and the only thing that will be modified will be the improvement in all those changes. Baby by-product to the way we connect with each other everything has been changed because of the digital era and even education is not an exception to the changing nature of the world because of the advent of modern and advanced technologies.


There used to be a time when the library was the only place where you can gather more information about a topic or anything else but all this has changed in the current Era as the internet is acting as one of the most abundant sources of information you need and the education sector has also become digitized. The biggest change that you will see in the field of education because of the internet is the way the kids are learning these days.


But do you really know the difference between e-learning and traditional learning? Well, this is what we are going to address in this blog post in a very detailed manner.




One of the most important things that you will have to use in order to compare both e-Learning and in-person learning is the convenience of the kid. It will not feel free or will not feel positive about the learning process then there is no way you can make the learning process successful for both yourself and for your kid. 


When it comes to convenience there is no denial in the fact that e-learning is always a much better option than in-person learning.


In the case of personal learning there will always be a fixed time during which the personal tutorial will visit your home and go through the lessons but in the case of digital learning your child will always have the option of taking the classes on the time that he saves instead of the time taken by the tutor. So if you want to make sure that your children have proper control of the learning then you will have to choose digital learning instead of relying on in-person learning.


Availability of resources


Another important factor that you can use in order to know the difference between digital learning and in-person learning is the availability of resources. There is no denying the fact that there is always a fixed time when it comes to learning and education but that is not the way modern-day kids are learning as they choose to gain access to the resources on the basis of their own decision. This is why your kids should have round-the-clock access to the resources and this is only possible when you are choosing digital learning.


So we can say that digital learning is much ahead of in-person learning even in the case of availability of resources. There are many education platforms out there and all those education platforms have free access to all the resources that I've been taught in the online classes and this makes it easy for the kid to read as per his timetable. So if you want to give round-the-clock access to services to your b then you'll always have to choose digital learning.


Customized solution


Important things that you'll have to keep in mind while choosing the solutions for educating your kid is all the kids are not on the same level. The learning ability of some kids is better than others and therefore there is no way you can teach the same thing to all the students and expect them to do their best and perform at 100% efficiency. So this means that if you want to match the pace of the education being given to a child with his ability to learn and you'll have to make sure that you are offering customized solutions or customized learning to your kids and that is possible only in the case of in-person learning.


When you will use digital learning then there will be standardized classes that will be taught to all the students regardless of their ability to learn but that is not the case with personal learning like private tutors. Private tutors are well trained to first access the learning ability of the child and then customize learning penned for the child as this gives the best result in each and every case.




Although there are many factors on the basis of which you can differentiate both digital learning and e-learning but for most parents, the cost of the learning process is going to be one of the main factors. You must be aware of the price of in-person learning as the system of learning is being used for many decades first most parents are not aware of the cost of digital learning as it is completely new to a vast majority of our population.


When it comes to price than both in-person learning and digital learning are on the same level as the price for both is almost the same. In the case of in-person learning experienced private tutors give tuition to children but in the case of digital learning, there is a team of teachers that give online classes with round-the-clock accessibility to resources to the kids. Both digital learning and in-person learning have their own advantages and disadvantages and therefore you will have to choose what suits best according to your kid.


If you are looking forward to choosing the best education solution for your kid then instead of focusing on the difference between e-learning and in-person learning, you should always focus on what your child prefers and is enticed about.


eLearning vs in-person learning: the comparison you need to know

06 September 2021