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There is no denial in the fact that the arrival of COVID-19 has changed many things around us. No one would have expected that 2020 is holding such a bad surprise for the human race and it has affected us on the global level. Each and every sector has been affected because of the arrival of the virus in the year 2020 and still, we are not sure when the dust will settle. But even after the dust will settle, there are many things that become mainstream because of the pandemic and now they will stay even when this pandemic will end. 


You must have noticed that during the pandemic, more and more people have started shifting to the digital world and if you are looking forward to making that you are using the power of digitization instead of considering it as a roadblock, you will have to make sure that you are using the best practices of digitization. One such skill set that you might need during this pandemic is virtual presentation. 


During the pandemic, everything has moved online, from meetings to product launches, and therefore, presentation is no exception to this trend. If you are working in a company then you might be asked any time to give a virtual presentation and therefore, you should always be prepared for it in the best possible way. 


During the virtual meetings, many employees are asked to join the virtual meeting and after joining the virtual meeting, you might be asked to give a virtual presentation as well. So, instead of being surprised and acting weird, you should better be prepared for it. 

This is why, in this blog post, we are going to discuss some best tips that you can use in order to make the most of your presentation during virtual meetings. 


Choose the right type of lighting


If you are going to prepare for a virtual presentation then there are maximum chances that you are always going to focus on the bigger aspects and while doing so, you might forget even the basics of presentation on the virtual platform like the right type of lighting. If you are presenting anything then it becomes everyone out there to see you properly otherwise there is no point in presenting. 


You will have to make sure that you have god front light and this means that the light should shine the brightest on your face. Although natural lights are the best options that you have if your house isn’t built for natural lights then you can always go for artificial lights without any second thoughts. 

Select an ideal background 


Another simple and basic thing that you can do in order to shine during the virtual meeting and through your virtual presentation is to choose an ideal background. But instead of experimenting with too many colors, you should choose that color which matches perfectly with your profession and this is very necessary from all points of view. You will also need to avoid any type of clustered background as it doesn’t look professional. 


You can take the example of Zoom in which you get the option to use many different types of virtual backgrounds for your meeting. In addition to this, you can also have the option of blurring the background. Choose whichever option suits you but never overlook background when it comes down to background during your virtual presentation. 


Understand the technology 


If you are going to fumble with the technology then there is no way you can make sure that you are going to give a good virtual presentation. This doesn’t mean that you will have to become an IT expert but gaining even a little bit of insight into the type of technology you are using. This will give you an overview of the whole technology and will be able to understand all the features of the technology that you are using as you can use it in order to gain a competitive advantage.


You just need to watch a couple of videos regarding the technology that you are reaching or you can also read some of the blogs and articles on the internet to find more about the technology you are using and understand the basic working of your technology.


Use add ons


If you are looking forward to becoming my star when it comes down to virtual presentation then one of the best things that you can do is to start using add ons. There are many people who are afraid of using add-on since they believe that if they will integrate an add-on with their technological solution or technology or platform then it will cause delay and agg in the process.


There are many different types of add ons in the market but this doesn't mean that you'll have to use all those add ons with your platform. You will just have to choose the right type of addon according to your needs and this is how you will be able to make sure that you gain a competitive advantage and stand apart from the crowd when it comes down to giving a virtual presentation.


Clear communication


If you are going to consider your presentation during the virtual meeting just as a formality then you will never be able to use the presentation as a skill set or as an advantage when it comes down to promotion and job profiles. You need to start working out on different types of skill sets that you might need to develop while using virtual meetings and virtual presentations and one such skill that you might need will be clear communication.


Virtual machines are one of the most powerful tools that you can use in order to conduct virtual meetings and give virtual presentations.


The best way to put together a great presentation for your virtual meeting

21 August 2021