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Trouns is a blogging website where anyone

can read informative articles and share information with us. For more information, you can visit our write for us page or contact us page. 


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We are one of the most popular companies out there on the internet that focuses on making the world a more informative place by providing all the information regarding technological breakthroughs and products that makes sense in the world of normal people.

We always focus on providing the best content related to technology and this is why we have built a very strict and refined process for picking the articles that will be published on our website. But if you have a good article related to technology and if you have good writing skills then don’t shy away from getting in touch with us.

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Thanks for visiting Trouns! We are one of the most reliable and quality platforms on the internet providing all the information related to the world of technology, marketing, and other different fields. At Trouns, we don’t only focus on providing the best information to the readers but we also provide the opportunity to ‘write for us. This is why Trouns acts as an ideal platform for both readers and writers. 


Trouns always welcomes all those writers who want to make the internet a more informative place but if you want to get published on our website without any issue then you must follow our submission guideline as we have a standardized format for publishing articles and blogs on our website. Here are some of the details that you might find useful if you are planning to collaborate with us for a Guest post. So, without any further ado, explore the guest post requirements and go through the procedure of submitting a guest post with us. 


Types of articles and categories we publish 


We are not a limited guest blogging website where you will have to stay confined to a couple of topics only and this is why we have such a wide audience base with different types of interests.

Some of the most common topics that we cover on our website are;






Reviews & Ratings



Technology News 


Digital Trends




Follow the below-mentioned guidelines for getting approved for guest posting on our website without any hassle. 




One of the first things that you will have to keep in mind while publishing with us is plagiarism. We have a strict policy when it comes to plagiarism and therefore, you should always use the best tools out there for checking plagiarism before sending any articles or blogs to us. 


You should know that we only accept Copyscape-approved blogs and articles and this means that we follow a strict 0% plagiarism policy. If any of the content sent to us is found to be plagiarized even 1% then it will be rejected by our editorial team. 


Grammar and punctuation 


We want to give the best quality blogs and articles to all our readers and this is why we are very professional when it comes to the grammar and punctuation of the articles sent to us. You should send articles to use for guest posting only if you know how to write 100% grammatically correct articles and in addition to this, the articles and blogs should have 100% accurate use of punctuations as well. 


There are many online tools that you can use to check the grammar and punctuation of the articles and blog posts that you are planning to send to us. For example, you can use the free platform Grammarly to make your articles and blogs 100% in terms of grammar and punctuation. Our editorial team will reject any article or blog that will include a lot of grammatical and punctuation mistakes. 




The article and blog posts sent to use should be properly formatted and aligned. This means that content shouldn’t have long paragraphs, it shouldn’t have lengthy introductions, it should be properly formatted according to the standard articles and blogs format and in addition to this, the articles and blog posts should have a proper conclusion, introduction, and body. 


If you are not sure about the type of format you should use for the articles and blog posts being sent to us then you can check all the blogs and articles that have been already published on our website. This will give you a clear idea about the type of articles and blogs we accept and then you can easily send the blog post to us for submission and get approved. 


Word length and introduction 


There is no denial in the fact that we always focus on the quality of the articles and blogs published on our website but this doesn’t mean that we will accept a 300-word article as well. Your article and blogs should have 800+ words and anything less than that will be rejected by our editorial team. But in the rush of making your article and blog 800+ words, you should never lose your focus on the quality of the content. 


In addition to this, you will also need to have an enticing introduction or heading for the article or blog post as it is the heading of the article that our readers see first. Don’t use very common and dull headings as such headings will not be able to entice the readers on our website. 


Use of image 


All the articles sent to us for guest blogging should have high-quality images as articles without images lose their ability to succumb people to read the content. But you can’t just use any image and send the article or blog for publishing on our website. You will need to follow the rules and regulations while using images with your content. 


First of all, proper credit should be given to the source of the image and you must include an image with a resolution of 1200px(width) and 675px(height). There should be no issue of copyright when it comes to using the image and therefore, it is recommended to use free image websites. In addition to this, the image must be related to the content. 


Time period 


Since we receive a long list of guest blogging requests on an everyday basis, it is not possible for us to inform each of the readers about the status of their submission. It usually takes us around one to two weeks for approving the article and since our editorial team is always busy with the approval process, there is no use in sending inquiries regarding the submission status of your article. 


So, just send the article or blog to us by following the submission guideline and then wait for at least two weeks to get your article approved by our editorial team.


Write for us